Location: South Asia

Capital: Kuala Lumpur

Currency: Malaysian Ringgit

Power plugs: type G

Cameron Highlands tea plantation

Malaysia is a diverse Southeast Asian nation, that combines bustling modern cities, lush rainforests, tea plantations, and stunning beaches.

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Kuala Lumpur Towers, Twin Towers

Malaysia Travel Budget

We spend 3 full weeks in the diverse country of Malaysia. Just like all the other countries we visited during our seven-month Asia trip, we had a tight budget. We tried to don’t go over our €66 budget a day (for two people). Let’s hit the road again and see if this all worked out as we planned!

Our 3-week Malaysia Itinerary

Our 3-week journey began as we crossed the border from Singapore into this vibrant country. We focused on the mainland destinations as this was most obvious for our travel route. With a carefully planned itinerary, we embarked on a memorable exploration of Malaysia’s highlights.

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