Our 10 Favourite Things to Do in Bangkok

Our 10 Favourite Things to Do in Bangkok

Bangkok is a city that elicits both love and hate from travellers. For us, it’s a beloved metropolis. It’s a bustling hub teeming with diverse cultures, tantalizing foods, and an array of activities. Whether you’re exploring the weekend market, indulging in street food delights in Chinatown, or taking a taxi ferry ride along the river for a unique view of Bangkok, this city offers an endless variety of experiences. You won’t run out of things to do! However, it’s worth considering whether you want to visit Thailand’s capital at the beginning or end of your trip, as it can be overwhelming.

1. Experience the Cultural Delights

Take your time to explore two iconic temples, Wat Pho and Wat Arun, nestled on the banks of the Chao Phraya River. These temples offer insights into Thailand’s rich history, spirituality, and architectural wonders. Remember to dress appropriately when visiting temples; this dress code also applies to the Grand Palace. Ensure your shoulders and knees are covered.

2. Step Back in History at The Grand Palace

The Grand Palace stands as a testament to Thailand’s rich history artistic mastery, and regal grandeur. A visit to this palace complex provides a glimpse into the country’s royal legacy. The Emerald Buddha Temple, located within the complex, is adorned with gorgeous details.

3. Trying Street food in Chinatown

Our top activity in Bangkok is indulging in street food in Chinatown. This vibrant neighbourhood is filled with food stalls offering a wide variety of culinary delights. If you’re fortunate enough to visit during Lunar New Year, you’ll be treated to a lively atmosphere with dancing dragons and a wide range of street food.

4. Navigate Bangkok Like a Local

Take advantage of the boat taxi service on the Chao Phraya River, which operates much like a city bus with multiple stops and frequent departures. Once on board, head to the back of the boat for a picturesque view of the city.

5. Dive into Floating Markets

Have you ever been to a floating market before? Well, Bangkok is renowned for its floating markets. There are multiple markets you can visit. While many are located outside the city centre,  we opted for Taling Chan Floating Market and Khlong Lat Mayom Floating Market. These markets are perfect to combine, with the latter allowing for an extended visit. Marnick even got a free haircut over there!

Floating Markets Bangkok

6. Spotting Monitor Lizards at Lumpini Park

One of the most bizarre experiences we had in Bangkok was spotting wild monitor lizards lounging next to humans in Lumpini Park. These reptiles, which can grow up to 2-3 meters in length and deliver a fatal bite, are surprisingly docile towards humans. They typically feed on dead fish and birds in the park.

7. Market Strolls in the Weekend

Among the markets we’ve explored in Asia, Chatuchak Weekend Market stands out as an unparalleled experience. Its vast expanse can easily occupy your entire morning. The market is thoughtfully organised, with stalls neatly categorised by their offerings, including plants, food, clothing, electronics, and home decor.

If you’re not tired yet you can go watch the light shows at Spectra and Gardens by the Bay afterwards or go sip a cocktail at Clarke Quay.

8. Go Shopping

While Bangkok boasts numerous shopping malls, one that we particularly enjoyed is Terminal 21. This mall boasts a unique theme, mimicking an airport, with each floor representing a different country. With the simple act of taking the escalator, you can travel from Rome to Paris, San Francisco to Tokyo – an excellent way to escape the city’s heat.

Monitor lizard Lumpini Park Bangkok
Terminal 21 Shopping Mall

9. A Walk in the Park

For a serene escape, consider visiting Benchakitti Park. Take a sunset walk on their skywalk, which offers an elevated view of the park and a captivating sunset.

10. Indulge in Gourmet Street Food

As fervent food lovers, we couldn’t resist the allure of Jodd Fairs – a bustling square filled with gourmet street food stalls. Many locals gather there after work to savour fresh dishes, including a variety of seafood options. Don’t fret; when you order seafood, you’ll be provided with gloves for a clean and enjoyable dining experience.

Benchakitti Park Bangkok
Jodd Fairs Bangkok

As we wrap up our list of 10 favourite things to do in Bangkok, we can’t help but feel a deep appreciation for this dynamic city. Whether you’re a history enthusiast, a food lover, or simply a traveller seeking new adventures, Bangkok has something for everyone.

We hope our list has inspired you to embark on your own Bangkok adventure. Until next time, safe travels and happy exploring!

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