Top 10 Things You Should Do In Indonesia

Buckle up, wanderlusters, because Indonesia is calling, and it’s a total gem with thousands of diverse islands waiting to be explored! We’ve just clocked a whopping 45 days soaking in the awesomeness of this paradise. Now, brace yourselves for the ultimate adventure rundown: our top 10 absolute must-dos that’ll set your Indonesian escapade on fire!

1. Island Hopping

With over 16.000 islands, Indonesia is the largest archipelago in the world. Don’t you dare stick to one island, there is so much out there! Each island has its own unique character, foods, wildlife and even language!

2. Street Food

Have you really been to Indonesia if you haven’t eaten the street food? Really, you can find the best and cheapest meals and snacks on the street. Local restaurants are called warung, and that’s where you need to be for food! 

My favourite is Soto, Marnick’s fixed order is noodle soup. We also love to try out fried bananas, everyone makes it their own way.

3. Snorkelling and Diving

Not only does Indonesia has some wonderful beaches. The country also has some of the most pristine sea life. Spend the day snorkelling or diving to experience the underwater world.

4. Swimming with whale sharks

Okay, this one is maybe not for everyone. But if you dare to, we promise this will be an unforgettable adventure! We had this unique experience to swim with whale sharks on a 4-day boat trip and it was one of the highlights of our Asia trip!

When we saw a big whale shark for the first time swimming underneath us, it gave us shivers. But these creatures are not dangerous, so it’s safe to swim next to them.

5. See a Komodo Dragon

These 3-meter immense lizards only live on a few islands in Indonesia. It’s truly a unique experience to spot these Komodo Dragons in the wild. Komodo National Park is the place! A ranger will guide you while you’re hiking in the park and will help you spot the Komodo Dragons.

6. Climb a volcano

If there is one thing you really need to do in your life is to experience a volcano climb. How many times in your life did you wake up in the middle of the night to climb a volcano and see the sun rising above its crater? Indonesia’s islands are full of volcanoes, and 127 of the volcanoes are still active. You can go for a one-day tour or go all in and experience multiple-day climbs. Here you can read about our experience. 

7. Rent a scooter

Indonesia lacks public transport. The best option? Rent a scooter and discover the islands yourself! Driving around the roads of the islands gives you the ultimate freedom. The roads lead to beautiful, deserted beaches, adventurous waterfalls, and local villages while absorbing all the scenery on the way.

8. Visit temples

When you’re travelling through Java, there are two must-see temples. Both of the temples are UNESCO World Heritage. Let’s start with Borobudur. This is the largest Buddhist temple in the world. Prambanan on the other hand is the largest Hindu site in Indonesia and the second-largest in South East Asia. Borobudur and Prambanan are both located near Yogjakarta.


9. Go on a boat tour

What is a better way to discover Indonesia’s beauty than on a boat? Enjoying the scenery with a cold drink in your hand while working on a tan, jumping in the water to refresh and discover the sea life. There are multiple options from multiple islands, ranging from a few hours to several days. We did the four-day Komodo Boat tour and had the best time!

10. Chase waterfalls

Last but not least, Indonesia is a great country to chase waterfalls, especially in Bali. Take your scooter and discover nature’s beauty. Take a swim in the cold water if you dare and take some enchanting photos.