Our Asia Trip Diary – Part Twenty Eight

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Our final Asia Trip Diary is here! This was our last week travelling through Asia and it feels like a double-sided blade. On one hand, we absolutely loved it here and really do not want to go home, but on the other hand, we really DO want to go home and see our family and friends again.

Our week started off in the old town of Phuket. It is quite small but it is built in the Sino-Portuguese architecture we’ve seen throughout Malaysia and Singapore and it is adorable! Lots of colourful houses, small shops and good food! Sadly, nearly everything is closed on Monday! We struggled to find any places to eat the entire day.

On Tuesday we decided we would rent a scooter and discover a bit of the island. Phuket is quite a big island. We first drove to “Big Buddha” which lies on top of one the largest hills in Phuket. You can clearly see this statue from a distance.

On the way up, we drove past a ton of captured elephants. These are for tourists to ride on and we think this is such a poor way to treat an animal. But they are beautiful creatures and it is impressive to see them in such quantities. At the top, we wander around the Big Buddha and have a seven-minute meditation class from a local Buddhist. A fun experience for sure!

Afterwards, we continue our drive to Raley Beach. Here we visit the local fish market. There are tons! Squids, lobster, horseshoe crabs, king prawns, you name it! We don’t buy anything, but it is fun to walk through.

Afterwards, we continue to drive further and we stumbled upon this hidden beach! It is called Sangchai Beach and there was almost no one! It is a great, deserted spot and good to relax for a bit. After having a dip in the water, we decide to scooter back to the hotel and call it a day.

Wednesday, we take the local bus to our final hotel at Karon Beach. This was a fun experience, we drove with the locals who just came from the market and were on their way back home. In Karon Beach, we stayed our last three nights to relax and get ready for our flights.

The rest of the day and on Thursday we don’t do much. We spend some time at the beach, drink some fruit juices, and buy fresh fruit. Friday is our final full day. We relax a little in the hotel room, take a quick dip in the ocean and start packing our bags. We leave some clothing and books behind that we won’t be using anymore and get our bags organised again.

In the evening, we decided we would eat lobster at one of the local seafood restaurants near the beach! A perfect way to end our seven-month journey through Asia. Plus, it was delicious! After the good meal, we decide to spend some of our last money on something we have never done before. Putting our feet in a fish tank and letting them nibble our dirt away! This was a really weird experience and quite uncomfortable, to be honest.

On Saturday we wake up early in the morning to take the local bus again to the airport. Two hours later, we are standing in front of the airport and three hours after that we are on our first plane to Mumbai. The home flight is going to be quite a journey! In Mumbai, we had to wait for eight hours for our next flight to Kuwait. We decided to have some Indian food, but we are definitely not used to that level of spiciness yet! We hop on the plane to Kuwait and had a self-transfer there which went pretty fluently and we were off to our next flight to Istanbul. We only had a short transfer time here but luckily; we made it to our final flight to Amsterdam. In total, the journey took more than 35 hours but we got home safely!

What an incredible journey this has been. Seven months, eight countries and an incredible amount of memories. We’re grateful that we were able to do this journey, and we hope you have enjoyed reading our weekly blog about our lives in Asia.

See you in our next blog!

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